Vitality retreat

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A vitality retreat is a four-level get-away designed to restore your energy, boost your immune system, and increase your mental space. Human beings are not robots; we need time ‘off’. Not just on stand-by mode. A vitality retreat is one of the vitality coaching tools designed by Miss Vitality in The Hague. Attending a vitality retreat will help you completely switch off, reconnect with your true self and the space in between appointments and obligations.

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The benefits of a vitality retreat

Do you want to pace your life in a way it energizes you rather than exhausts you? Do you want to temporarily escape your ever-growing to-do-list, the corporate politics, and your daily stress and struggle? If you want to enjoy the success you work so hard for and be the one taking care OF for a change, you definitely need to attend a vitality retreat guided by a life coach or personal trainer.

Take the chance to create change

Attending a vitality retreat helps people process and silence the ever-present internal monkey-mind and the worry and doubt caused by external stimuli from work, social media and technology. A vitality retreat gives them the chance to finally put their feet up for a change. To enjoy deliciously healthy food and get a breath of fresh air. And most importantly, this vitality retreat in particular provides the luxury of completely indulging in being the one taken care OF instead of constantly taking care of others. If you see your precious time always being sacrificed to other people and other projects, a vitality retreat will help incorporate time for self-care and recovery. Aimed specifically at boosting physical, mental and emotional resilience, this retreat will help rebalance the connection between body, mind and soul and stimulate overall energy.


Discover the benefits yourself

Experience the precious feeling of not having to worry about a single thing when taking part in one of our vitality retreats. Whether it’s a longer, four-day vitality retreat or a shorter, half-day version. Both are entirely focused on recomposing yourself, relaxing and recharging your batteries and boosting your energy. This retreat is especially beneficial if you want to have the energy and mental bandwidth to spare, even after dealing with your Tetris calendar and bull-shit bingo. Get in touch with Miss Vitality in The Hague to learn more about the vitality retreat and/or other vitality training methods? Please send an email to or send a message via my social media channels.